3 Reason for Men to get Pedicure

pedicureIts Sound Crazy but yes “The Ancient saying says More Groomed you look, More people will trust you.”

Foot Grooming Is also important factor in it.

  • Makes You Foot or Feet Look Good

    No need to go over-the-top, but trimmed, clean and buffed nails is way to go and a great attribute to any Men. If you’ve ever got a pedicure done, you’ll understand what we actually mean, and a good way to change this condition is to actually go and get it done.

    We shave, shower and cut your hair. So, why not take out the time for your feet as well?

  •  Prevents Ingrown Toenails

Men, often, don’t pay much attention when you cut your toenails. This can lead to cutting nails too short or leaving miniscule pieces at the edges – both of which lead to ingrown toenails. A professional pedicure will ensure that your nails are taken care of and are also cut to the correct length. When a calf or foot massage is assisted with a pedicure, it also benefits in improving blood flow in the region while reducing the pain, if any!

  • Removes Foot Odour

No one likes a stinky foot! Pedicures are the best way to remove dead skin, dirt and bacteria from the feet completely. This makes more sense in the rainy season when feet need extra care and protection. Your feet also need exfoliation to remove the bacterial infection, which you can’t get rid off in normal washes and can only be achieved vis-a-vis pedicure.

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